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Follow Me Function - Carrier Crystal Plus 53KHFT 12 A6716511Df758830Bc5510C21C0Aa9De

High wall split air conditioners
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Follow Me function
Press this button less than 2 seconds will initiate Follow Me function
In Follow Me function, the remote control serves as a remote thermostat allowing for the precise
and comfortable temperature control when you stay close to the remote control. With this
technology, an efficient temperature sensor is built in the remote control.
Follow Me function starts when the indoor unit receives the signal from the remote control and the
air conditioner is operated by the temperature information included in the signal and the set
temperature. In this mode, the return air temperature sensor in the indoor unit is inactive.
When the indoor unit receives the signal, the buzzer in the indoor unit will sound once.
When the Follow Me function is activated, the remote display is actual temperature at its location.
The remote control will send this signal to the air conditioner every 3 minutes interval until press the
Follow Me button again.
The Follow Me function is not available under DRY and FAN mode.
Switch the operation mode or turn off the unit will cancel the Follow
Me function automatically.
If you want to activate Follow Me function, Press Follow Me button
Follow Me during unit ON and Follow Me will start operation. Then
the led light of Follow Me function
remote control.
The remote control begins to detect the actual temperature as its location.
If you want to stop Follow Me function,
Press Follow Me button less than 2 seconds.
will appear on the display of the

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