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Motorola L3391 Owner's Manual: Cleaning Guidelines; Battery Pack Guidelines

Mobile laptop.
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Cleaning Guidelines

l Never clean the computer with its power on.
l Use a soft cloth moistened with water or a non-alkaline detergent to
wipe the exterior of the computer.
l Gently wipe the display with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use alcohol
or detergent on the display.
l Dust or grease on the touchpad/touchscreen can affect its sensitivity.
Clean the pad/screen by using adhesive tape to remove the dust and
grease on its surface.

Battery Pack Guidelines

l Recharge the battery pack when it is nearly discharged. When
recharging, make sure the battery pack is fully charged. Doing so may
avoid harm to the battery pack.
l Operate the computer with the battery pack installed even when using
external power. This ensures that the battery is fully charged.
l If you will not be using the computer for a long period of time
(more than two weeks), remove the battery pack from the computer.
l If you remove the battery pack, make sure the battery terminals do
not contact any conductors such as metal objects or water.
Otherwise, the battery may become unusable as a result of a short
l If you need to store the battery pack, store it in a cool, dry place.
Never allow the temperature to exceed 60 C (140 F).
l Do not leave the battery pack in storage for more than 6 months
without recharging it.
Note: In order to fixed battery back, we put the block of the battery on the back
of the battery. ( If you want to replace battery pack, please see page 3-5. )
Caring for the Computer




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