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The app prompts you to rotate Solo end-over-end multiple times until the bar at the top of the screen is completely
green. If the calibration fails, move to a different location and try again.
Level Calibration
A level calibration zeroes Solo's accelerometers to recognize static states. To perform a level calibration, remove the
propellers from Solo and connect the app to Solo Wi-Fi. Go to Settings Solo and choose Level Calibration from the
list, and follow the prompts to place Solo perfectly still on each side in turn. In each step, wait a few seconds after
moving Solo to press Next.

10.3 Pairing the Controller

1. Turn off the Solo and the controller that you want to pair, along with any other Solos and controllers nearby.
2. Power on the Solo and controller that you want to pair.
3. Wait 30 seconds for Solo and the controller to fully boot up.
4. Identify the Pair button underneath Solo. It's a small button inside the hole labeled Pair. You'll need to use a
paper clip, a small screwdriver, or another similar tool to push it.
5. Press the Pair button underneath Solo and hold for one second.
Figure App - Compass Calibration Procedure
Figure App - Level Calibration
Figure 10.3.1: Pair Button

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