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Starting Up/Shutting Down; Suspend/Hibernation Functions; Security Measures; Setup Utility - Panasonic TOUGHBOOK CF-M34 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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Starting Up/Shutting Down

Starting Up
Power Switch
Open the display
Lift up the latch.
Lift open the display.
Turn your computer on
Slide the power switch as shown and hold it for approximately one second until
the power indicator turns on before releasing it.
The computer will not power on when the display is closed (except when
[Panel Switch] has been set to [LCD Off] in the Setup Utility

"Setup Utility").

After confirming that the power indicator has turned on, avoid the follow-
ing until Windows has completed loading.
• Touching the power switch.
• Performing any keyboard, touch pad, touchscreen (or external mouse)
• Closing the display.
If the display is closed while Windows is starting up, it is possible that color,
etc., will not be displayed properly. Run the [MS-DOS Prompt] ([Start] -
[Programs] - [MS-DOS Prompt]), and use full screen display mode by press-
ing Alt + Enter .
After returning from the full screen mode
display will be shown correctly.
Once the computer is powered off, you must wait at least ten seconds before
powering it on again.
When the CPU temperature rises, the computer may not power on to pre-
vent the CPU from overheating. Should this happen, allow the computer to
cool down then switch the power on again.
If the computer still does not power on, contact Panasonic Technical Support.
If security indicator (
you must first enter your password. (
Upon entering your
password and press-
ing Enter .
If after three attempts the correct password is not input, or if no pass-
word is entered for about a minute, the computer returns to the condi-
tion just before the attempt was made to start up the computer.
When an application or file that was previously displayed
appears on your screen,
the suspend or hibernation function has been set. (
) is displayed,

"Security Measures")

If the correct password is input,
Over three incorrect attempts,
or no password is entered for about a minute,
Alt +
Enter again, the
Will Start
Will Not Start*
(Power off)


Table of Contents