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Important Safety Information - Siemens HX725.20N Instruction Manual

Free standing cooker.
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: Important safety information

Read these instructions carefully. Only then
will you be able to operate your appliance
safely and correctly. Retain the instruction
manual and installation instructions for
future use or for subsequent owners.
These instructions are only valid if the
appropriate country symbol appears on the
appliance. If the symbol does not appear on
the appliance, it is necessary to refer to the
technical instructions which will provide the
necessary instructions concerning
modification of the appliance to the
conditions of use of the country.
Appliance category: Category 1
Check the appliance for damage after
unpacking it. Do not connect the appliance
if it has been damaged in transport.
Only allow a licensed professional to
connect the appliance and to convert the
appliance to a different type of gas. The
appliance must be installed (electric and
gas connections) in accordance with the
instruction and installation manual. An
incorrect connection or incorrect settings
may lead to serious accidents and damage
to the appliance. The appliance
manufacturer accepts no liability for
damage of this kind. The appliance's
warranty becomes void.
Caution:This appliance is for cooking
purposes only. It must not be used for other
purposes, for example room heating.
This appliance is intended for use up to a
maximum height of 2000 metres above sea
Caution:The use of a gas cooking
appliance results in the production of heat,
moisture and products of combustion in the
room in which it is installed. Ensure that the
kitchen is well ventilated especially when
the appliance is in use: keep natural
ventilation holes open or install a
mechanical ventilation device (mechanical
extractor hood).
Prolonged intensive use of the appliance
may call for additional ventilation, for
example opening of a window, or more
effective ventilation, for example increasing
the level of mechanical ventilation where
This appliance is not designed for operation
with an external timer or by remote control.
Do not use inappropriate child safety
shields or hob guards. These can cause
This appliance may be used by children
over the age of 8 years old and by persons
with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or by persons with a lack of
experience or knowledge if they are
supervised or are instructed by a person
responsible for their safety how to use the
appliance safely and have understood the
associated hazards.
Children must not play with, on, or around
the appliance. Children must not clean the
appliance or carry out general maintenance
unless they are at least 8 years old and are
being supervised.
Keep children below the age of 8 years old
at a safe distance from the appliance and
power cable.
Always slide accessories into the cooking
compartment correctly. See "Description of
accessories in the instruction manual.
Risk of fire!
A draught is created when the appliance
door is opened. Greaseproof paper may
come into contact with the heating
element and catch fire. Do not place
greaseproof paper loosely over
accessories during preheating. Always
weight down the greaseproof paper with a
dish or a baking tin. Only cover the
surface required with greaseproof paper.
Greaseproof paper must not protrude over
the accessories.
Combustible objects that are left in the
Risk of fire!
cooking compartment may ignite. Never
store combustible items in the cooking
compartment. Never open the appliance
door if there is smoke inside. Switch off
the appliance and unplug the mains plug
or switch off the fuse in the fuse box. Shut
off the gas supply.
Hot oil and fat can ignite very quickly.
Risk of fire!
Never leave hot fat or oil unattended.
Never use water to put out burning oil or
fat. Switch off the hotplate. Extinguish



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