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Minimal Editor - Siemens AT 18 Operating Instructions Manual

Comfort lift door drive.
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14.13 Minimal Editor

The minimum editor is an aid for changing an AT18 controller parameter if the terminal
module, user terminal or FrontEndPC is not available.
Thereby the parameter button (S5000) and the two service buttons (S5001, S5002)
receive a second function. The LED display (H5000) serves for the visualization of
The activation of the minimum editor requires a special manipulation of the keys, which
can be done only after a power reset.
The detailed operation is as follows:
a) at program start (switch on the mains voltage) the OPEN and CLOSE buttons must be
pressed at the same time, for confirmation an 8 is displayed (for approx. 5 seconds).
b) as soon as the display clears, the user must release both keys (time window approx. 3
seconds) and not use them again until the end of the time window.
c) as confirmation of the successful activation of the minimum editor the display now
shows an 'A' or a 'C'.
The minimum editor makes it possible to change two settings, on the one hand the
selection of a default profile and on the other hand the combined setting of the closing
The setting of a value takes place by means of the service buttons (S5000, S5001), data
transfer is accomplished by a long pressing (> 2 seconds) of the parameter button
A short pressing of the button only switches to the other parameter, without changing the
respective value.
The display of a value takes place via the alternating display of the identification letter ('A'
for forces in the closing direction and 'C' for the selection of the profile) and the value in
form of a number.
During the setting of the profile, values between 0 and 4 can be selected (0 for the
standard profile and 4 for profile No. 4).
The closing force is set with a counterweight, whereby a simplified 1kg to 10N is
The input can be from 0 to 6, whereby 0 stands for 'no counterweight' and 6 for "6kg
The input of the counterweight affects the closing forces, by being taken off of the
maximum value of 150N.
The 6 setting thus causes the reduction of the closing forces to 90N (150N - 60N = 90N)
whereby 0 allows the maximum closing force of 150 N.
Switching the voltage supply on and off will end the minimum editor.
After changing the profile it is necessary to start a new learn run (start with S5000 ).
Otherwise the closing speed and nudging speed can't be limited by the door mass and
the kinetic energy could be exceeded the permitted value.
Operating instructions AT18 SEDM
Issue 09/05


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