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Frigidaire 308-2414FR Instruction Manua page 2

Led alarm weather station with in/out temperature dc: 103015
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After your clock is powered up, it searches for the Atomic time signal for
seven minutes. The
Note: During Atomic time signal search, the buttons will not function. The
LED will change to low brightness and will return to high brightness after
the Atomic time search search.
Receiving Atomic signal
Successful Reception
Failed Reception
Hold / WAVE button until your clock gives a short beep to stop or start
the Atomic time signal reception.
During the search, press / WAVE button once to show reception mode
and signal strength Indication:-
When a strong signal is detected, display shows with 3 bars
During reception, the signal strength may move from 1 bar to 2 bars
to 3 bars. This is normal since the clock is detecting Atomic time
signal and other signals in the air at the same time.
Press SET will return to the time display with
For information about WWVB Atomic time visit:
Step 1: Insert the AC/DC adaptor to an outlet, then into the back
of the clock.
Step 2 (Optional): Insert 1 x CR2032 Lithium battery (not
included) to the battery compartment on the back of the
clock. The + side of the battery should face up.
Step 3: Slide open the battery cover at the back of the wireless
TW004 sensor, make sure the channel selector is set at
position 1 (top position), then insert 2 x AAA batteries (not
included) into the outdoor sensor. Observe the correct
Step 4: Peel off the protective label on the front.
Restart: If the outdoor temperature is not displayed after 3
minutes, remove AC power and batteries from the weather station
& outdoor sensor. Press any button on the temperature station 20
times. After 5 minutes, return to Step 1 above.
Model: 308-2414FR
WWVB Atomic Time Signal Search
icon flashes.
Get Started
icon flashing)
icon becomes static)
icon disappears)
icon flashing.
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