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Maintenance And Service; Maintenance And Cleaning - Bosch GHO 15-82 Original Instructions Manual

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When machining hard materials (e.g. hard-
wood) as well as when utilising the maximum
planer width, set only low planing depths and
reduce planer feed, as required.
Excessive feed reduces the surface quality and
can lead to rapid clogging of the chip ejector.
Only sharp blades achieve good cutting capacity
and give the machine longer life.
The integrated park rest 17 also allows for con-
tinued planing at any given location on the work-
piece after an interruption:
– With the park rest folded down, place the
machine on the location of the workpiece
where the planing is to be continued.
– Switch on the machine.
– Apply the supporting pressure onto the front
part of the planer base plate and slowly push
the machine forward ( ). This tilts the park
rest upward ( ) so that the rear part of the
planer base plate faces on the workpiece
– Guide the machine over the surface to be
planed ( ) with even feed.
Beveling Edges (see figure E)
The V-grooves in the front planer base plate al-
low quick and easy beveling of workpiece edges.
Depending on required bevel width, use the cor-
responding V-groove. For this, place the planer
with the V-groove onto the edge of the work-
piece and guide it along the edge.
Groove to be
Planing with Parallel/Beveling Guide
(see figures F–H)
Mount the parallel guide 18 or beveling guide 22
to the machine using the corresponding fasten-
ing bolt 21. Depending on the application,
mount the rebating depth stop 25 with fasten-
ing bolt 24 to the machine.
Loosen the locking nut 20 and adjust the re-
quested rebating width on the scale 19. Tighten
the locking nut 20 again.
Bosch Power Tools
Adjust the requested rebating depth according-
ly with the rebating depth stop 25.
Carry out the planing procedure several times
until the requested rebating depth is reached.
Guide the planer applying sideward supporting
Beveling with the Beveling Guide

Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Cleaning

Before any work on the machine itself, pull
the mains plug.
For safe and proper working, always keep
the machine and ventilation slots clean.
Ensure easy operation of the park rest 17 and
clean it regularly.
When the carbon brushes wear below accepta-
ble service tolerances, the machine will auto-
matically cut out. The machine must be sent to
customer service for maintenance (for address,
see the "After-sales Service and Customer As-
sistance" section.
Dimension a
If the machine should fail despite the care taken
0 – 4
in manufacturing and testing procedures, repair
2 – 6
should be carried out by an after-sales service
4 – 9
6 – 10
centre for Bosch power tools.
In all correspondence and spare parts order,
please always include the 10-digit article
number given on the type plate of the machine.
Replacing the Drive Belt (see figures I – J)
Unscrew screw 6 and take off the belt cover 7.
Remove the worn drive belt 26.
Before assembling a new drive belt 26, clean
both pulleys 27 and 28.
Place the new drive belt 26 on the small pulley
28 first and then work the drive belt 26 onto the
large pulley 27 by hand while rotating it.
English | 19
When beveling rebates
and surfaces, adjust
the required slope an-
gle with the angle ad-
justment 23.
2 609 140 626 | (15.4.09)

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