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Programmed Play - Sanyo MCD-ZX100F Instruction Manual

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Repeat play
Press the REPEAT button before or during play
(or programmed play).
Each time the button is pressed, the repeat
mode changes as follows.
REPEAT 1 appears
(Repeat one track)
(Normal play mode)


Up to 20 tracks on a disc can be programmed for
play in any order.
To begin the programming procedure, se-
lect "CD" function first.
The same track can be programmed more
than once.
Load a disc that you want to programme
before starting programmed play.
1. Press the n button if necessary.
2. Press the MEMORY button, the "PROG."
and "
" blink.
1. Set the FUNCTION switch to TAPE.
2. Press the STOP/EJECT button. The cas-
sette holder opens.
3. Load the cassette into the cassette
After loading the cassette, push the cas-
sette holder back into position.
4. Press the PLAY button to begin playback.
5. Press the STOP/EJECT button to stop
playback at any time. Press it again to re-
move the cassette.
When the end of the tape has been
reached, the tape stops automatically.
Use the normal tape (TYPE 1).
Endless tapes cannot be used.
Do not use C-100 (or longer) tapes. They
may jam in the mechanism.
REPEAT ALL appears
(Repeat all tracks)
3. Select a track by using the f or e
4. Press the MEMORY button.
5. Repeat steps 3 - 4 to programme addi-
tional tracks.
6. Press the i button to start play.
"PROG." remains lit.
When all programmed tracks have been
played, the player stops automatically.
The programme contents are retained
in memory.
To cancel programmed play, press the n button.
Checking the programme
Each time the MEMORY button is pressed in the
stop mode, the programmed details sequentially
appear on the display.
If an abnormal display indication or an operating
problem occurs, disconnect the mains lead and
remove all batteries. Wait at least 5 seconds
then reconnect the mains lead and reinstall the
batteries. Resume the operation.
Press the PAUSE button to temporarily stop
playback or recording. Press it again to resume
Fast forward and rewind
Press the F.FWD or REW button. When the
desired location has been reached, or the tape
has been wound to the end, press the STOP/
EJECT button.
Automatic stop system
At the end of the tape while recording or playing
back, the cassette deck stops automatically and
the buttons are released.
This system does not work in fast forward and
rewind operation. Be sure to press the STOP/
EJECT button when the end of the tape has
been reached.
Example (When using C-60 tape):
Press the STOP/EJECT button after approxi-
mately 2 minutes have elapsed under fast for-
ward and rewind operation.



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