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Canon AF35M II Instructions Manual page 22

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1. Rotate the self-timer/prefocus
lever @ in
the direction of the arrow until it stoos.
2. Look into the viewfinder and press the
shutter button HALFWAY lf the red viewfinder
lamp glows, pop up the flash.
3. Compose the picture so that your main
subject covers the autofocus spot. lf YOU will
be the main subject, compose so that a sub-
stitute subject, which is at the same distance
you plan to be, covers the autofocus spot.
4. Press the shutter button all the way down.
Recompose the picture if necessary. The
shutter will be released automatically after a
delay of about ten seconds.
lf you are using the flash, do not press the s.hutter
button until about five seconds after the flash-readv
lamp glows.
It is possible to cancel the self-timer before
you press the shutter button simply by rotating
the self-timer lever back to its original posi-
tion. To cancel the self{imer after you've
pressed the shutter button, follow the same
procedure for prefocus cancellation. (See
page 1 7 .)
2 l

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