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U S I N G T H E B U I L T - L N F L A S - Canon AF35M II Instructions Manual

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Using the Built-in Flash
Switch to flash photography at the following
time s:
o lf the red vieMinder lamp appears when
you press the shutter button halfway. In this
case the flash will prevent the photo from
being blurred and underexposed.
o lf the sun or a lamp is behind your subject.
o lf there is a bright window at your subject's
o lf your subject is in shadow.
In the last three cases, the flash will prevent
your subject from turning out too dark if it is
within 3m (10 ft.) of you.
1. Push the flash switch @ in the direction of
the arrow. The built-in flash will pop up.
2. Look into the vieMinder and compose the
picture as you would for normal photography.
Make sure the subject is within the auto flash
shooti ng distance range.
T h e a u t o f l a s h s h o o t i n g d i s t a n c e r a n g e i s 9 0 c m t o
4 5 m w i t h a n e g a t i v e c o l o r f i l m

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