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Canon AF35M II Instructions Manual page 10

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tery Check)
Using new alkaline batteries at normal temperatures,
you can shoot:
1. Approximately f ifty rolls of 36-exposure f ilm without
f lash.
2. Approximately seven rolls of 36-exposure film
using f lash for each exposure.
Viewfinder Lamp
(Camera Shake Warning/Bat
o Replace the batteries if, after checking
them, the viewfinder lamp does not blink.
. Battery power is reduced in very low tem-
peratures (0'C or 32'F), making regular
photography difficult. lf you plan to take pic-
tures in cold conditions, keep the camera
warm until just before you shoot. lt is a
good idea to carry spare batteries; keep
them warm also until they are needed.
Don't throw away batteries that have
become temporarily unusable because of
cold weather. Once they have been re-
stored to room temperature, you may be
able to use them again.
o lf you don't expect to use the camera for
about three weeks or longer, remove the
batteries so that they don't leak and corrode
the camera's electrical contacts.

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