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Introducing The Projection Tv; Welcome; Package Contents; Features - Sony KP-57WV600 Instructions Manual

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Introducing the Projection TV


Package Contents


Thank you for purchasing the Sony Projection TV. This manual is to
be used with the following models:
Along with your new projection TV, the package contains a remote
control and two AA batteries. No additional cables are included.
These items are all you need to set up and operate the projection TV
in its basic configuration.
Most components (VCRs, DVD players, etc.) come with the necessary
cables to connect them. If you want to set up a complex system, you
may need to buy extra cables, connectors, etc. Be sure to have these
on hand before you start to connect your system.
Some of the features that you will enjoy with your new TV include:
Wide Screen Mode: Watch conventional 4:3 aspect ratio
broadcasts in wide screen (16:9) mode.
(Digital Reality Creation) Multifunction V1: Unlike
conventional line doublers, the DRC Multifunction feature
replaces the signal's NTSC waveform with the near-HD
equivalent, while doubling the number of vertical and horizontal
lines. This results in four times the density for quality sources,
such as DVD, satellite, and digital camcorders. The Video Menu
allows you to select interlaced, progressive, or CineMotion™
output. The DRC Palette option lets you customize the level of
detail (Reality) and smoothness (Clarity) to create up to three
custom palettes.
Scrolling Index: Lets you preview and select programs from a
scrolling index of video pictures.
Favorite Channels: Allows you to preview and select from eight
of your favorite channels.



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