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Play Audio Through Bluetooth; Factory Default - Sanyo FWSB405FS Owner's Manual

Soundbar with bluetooth wireless technology
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Play audio through bluetooth

1) Press
on the remote control to switch the Soundbar to Bluetooth mode.
2) Turn On the Bluetooth compatible device.
3) On the Bluetooth device, switch on Bluetooth, search for and select SANYO_FWSB405F (see the user manual of the Bluetooth
device on how to enable Bluetooth).
• If a Passcode is requested, enter "0000".
• If the Soundbar name does not appear on the Bluetooth compatible device, press
4) Play music on the connected Bluetooth compatible device.
5) To exit Bluetooth mode, press one of the other audio input source buttons on the remote control.
PAIR indicator behavior
The arrow indicates the passage of time.
This Soundbar's name is "SANYO_FWSB405F". If this Soundbar has already been registered to a Bluetooth Device and the
connection fails, delete it (or deactivate it), then press
To play music from a different Bluetooth Device, press
• If reconnecting the Bluetooth device to the Soundbar fails, delete the registered profi le of this Soundbar from the Bluetooth device,
then perform pairing again.
This unit can store up to 4 device profi les.
• The music streaming may be interrupted by obstacles between the device and Soundbar, such as wall, metallic casing that covers
the device, or other devices nearby that operate in the same frequency.
• If you want to connect your Soundbar with another Bluetooth device, press
• Depending on your Bluetooth device, different behaviors may appear. See your Bluetooth device's user manual for details.
• The operational range between the SoundBar and a Bluetooth device is approximately 30 feet (10m).

Factory default

1) To reset the Soundbar to the factory default settings, press
Soundbar will be shut down and go into Standby mode.
The current status of Bluetooth and the procedures to
complete Bluetooth connection for Bluetooth playback.
Waiting for a new Bluetooth Device to connect (Status: Pairing).
Blinks twice →
On the Bluetooth Device to connect, select the Soundbar's name
Light off → Repeats
A Bluetooth Device is connected.
Remains lit
Music can be played from the connected Bluetooth Device
No Bluetooth Device is connected. To reconnect with the last
Blinks slowly
connected Bluetooth Device, press
Trying to connect with the last connected Bluetooth Device.
Enable Bluetooth on the last connected Bluetooth Device and
Blinks rapidly
wait a moment
Either another audio input is selected or the Soundbar is in
If the POWER indicator is On (Status: Standby), press
Remains unlit
turn On the Soundbar. When the POWER indicator is Off and any
orange indicator is On, press
start blinking or light up. Follow 1-4 in this chart.
– 13 –
, then connect.
and select this Sound bar's name to connect.
, then select this Soundbar's name on the Bluetooth Device to
to disconnect the currently connection.
5 times within 3 seconds. After completion of reset, the
on the remote control.
. The (Bluetooth) indicator will

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