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About the Relevant Manuals
The manuals related to the RIVAGE PM10 system are organized as follows.
Paper manuals
RIVAGE PM10 System Setup Guide
This guide provides an overview of the RIVAGE PM10 system, and explains step by step how to set
up the system from connecting devices to producing sound.
Manuals for each device
The manual for each device describes part names and functions of that device. Each manual is
packaged with the corresponding device.
Online manuals
RIVAGE PM10 Operation Manual (this document)
This provides a detailed explanation of the screens and functions shown on the control
This operation manual consists of two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.
Part 1 is concerned mainly with providing an overview and explaining the concepts
needed to understand the RIVAGE PM10 system. It contains knowledge and information
that you will need for planning the system.
Part 2 explains specific procedures and operations of the system. It provides a Function
Map that lets you quickly access the information you need, as if using a dictionary.
How to use this operation manual
Since the RIVAGE PM10 Operation Manual (this document) is an electronic file (PDF file), it
provides links that you can click to view an item of interest, and allows you to search for terms.
Using the icon buttons
Icon buttons are located in the upper right of the operation manual.
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page of the Yamaha Pro Audio site.
Searching for terms
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RIVAGE PM10 Operation Manual


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