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The Multiple Slot Binder; Exclusive Bindings With The Multiple Slot Binder; Binding With Bias Cut Binding - Kenmore 117.552 Instructions Manual

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The Multiple Slot Binder
The popularity for bindings that do double
duty never
diminishes. Bindings are frequently used to finish
the edges
of fabric as well as furnishing a garment'
8 only
The Multiple Slot binder
is de
signed to Cover every
need whether it be the
making of dainty garme
call for narrow bindings
or in the
construction of so many
hold utilities.
The Multiple Slot Binder
made with & different sized
each designed to carry binding
their width. Size 1-2-34 5
Commercial single fold binding
must be used and fed into
slots of same size as illustrated
The familiar % inch or +j
bias cut binding which every
woman has always used is entered
through the open mouth of
The Binder is adjustable aide.
wise to bring the stitching prop..
erly close to the edge of binding.
Exclusive Bindings with the
Multiple Slot Binder
Remove the presser foot, attach Binder in its place.
As shown in Fig. 18 the Multiple Slot Binder can be used
for attractive combination trimmings so much in vogue on
jabots and frilled accessories.
Our illustration shows a tricolored trim using com
mercial single fold bindings sizes 1—3 and 5. Sizes 5 and 8
act as two tone pipings while size 1 binds the edge enclosing
the fabric in the double piping all in one single stitching.
This trimming is just as effective on the reverse side of fabric
making It a desirable accomplishment for any dainty cascade.
Figure 18
to a decided point and enter each width
its respective slot
helping it beyond the needle with the
of a large needle
or pin and starting with the narrow
width. The edge to
be bound is inserted in the center of
attaChmt between the
scroll and held in as far as possil
without crowding.
Many lovely double binding combinations are possible
several different sizes: 1
and 3; 2 and 4; or 3 and 5.
Binding with Bias
Cut Binding
Binding that has been cut and prepared for Bind
should be cut to a long point, inserr.ed into the scrolls
Binder and helped forward beyond the needle by the aid of
large pin. Lower presser bar and stitch to ascertain whe
stitching line appears on binding.

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Table of Contents

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