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Notes About The Discs; Troubleshooting - Sony DAV-DZ720 Operating Instructions Manual

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Notes about the Discs

On handling discs
• To keep the disc clean, handle the disc by its
edge. Do not touch the surface.
• Do not stick paper or tape on the disc.
• Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight or
heat sources such as hot air ducts, or leave it in
a car parked in direct sunlight as the
temperature may rise considerably inside the
• After playing, store the disc in its case.
On cleaning
• Before playing, clean the disc with a cleaning
Wipe the disc from the center out.
• Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner,
commercially available cleaners, or anti-static
spray intended for vinyl LPs.
This system can only play back a standard
circular disc. Using neither standard nor circular
discs (e.g., card, heart, or star shape) may cause
a malfunction.
Do not use a disc that has a commercially
available accessory attached, such as a label or


If you experience any of the following
difficulties while using the system, use this
troubleshooting guide to help remedy the
problem before requesting repairs. Should any
problem persist, consult your nearest Sony
Note that if service personnel changes some
parts during repair, these parts may be retained.
The power is not turned on.
• Check that the AC power cord (mains lead) is
connected securely.
appears alternately in the front panel display.
Press "/1 to turn off the system, and check the
following items after "STANDBY" disappears.
• Are the + and – speaker cords short-circuited?
• Are you using only the specified speakers?
• Is anything blocking the ventilation holes of the
After checking the above items and fixing any
problems, turn on the system. If the cause of the
problem cannot be found even after checking all the
above items, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
There is no picture.
• The video connecting cords are not connected
• The video connecting cords are damaged.
• The system is not connected to the correct TV
input jack (page 12, 21).
• The video input on the TV is not set so that you
can view pictures from the system.
• You have set progressive format but your TV
cannot accept the signal in progressive format. In
this case, return the setting to interlace format (the
default setting) (page 23).
• Even if your TV is compatible with progressive
format (525p/625p) signals, the image may be
affected when you set progressive format. In this
case, return the setting to interlace format (the
default setting) (page 23).
• Re-connect the connecting cord securely.
• The system is connected to an input device that is
not HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content
protection) compliant ("HDMI" on the front panel
does not light up). See page 93.


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