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Step 3: Positioning the
Positioning the speakers
For the best possible surround sound, all the
speakers other than the subwoofer should be the
same distance from the listening position (A).
However, this system allows you to place the
center speaker up to 1.6 meters (5 ft) closer (B)
and the surround speakers up to 5.0 meters (16
ft) closer (C) to the listening position.
The front speakers can be placed from 1.0 to
7.0 meters (3 to 23 ft) (A) from the listening
Place speakers as illustrated below.
• Do not set the speakers in an inclined position.
• Do not place the speakers in locations that are:
– Extremely hot or cold
– Dusty or dirty
– Very humid
– Subject to vibrations
– Subject to direct sunlight
• Use caution when placing the speakers and/or
speaker stands (not supplied) that are attached with
the speakers on a specially treated (waxed, oiled,
polished, etc.) floor, as staining or discoloration may
• When cleaning, use a soft cloth such as a cleaning
cloth for glasses.
• Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring
powder, or solvent such as alcohol or benzine.
• Do not lean or hang on the speaker, as the speaker
may fall down.
• When you change the positions of the speakers, it is
recommended that you change the settings. For
details, see "Getting Optimal Surround Sound for a
Room" (page 66) and "Calibrating the Appropriate
Settings Automatically" (page 68).


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