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Machine Start Up - Makita HW120 Instruction Manual

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Machine start up

After having installed the machine it can be turned on the water
Push the start button I and open the lever L of the gun for a few
seconds in order to eliminate the air inside the hose. When starting
the machine for the first time it's necessary to operate it without the
nozzle in order to permit the outlet of dirt and air from the pump,
afterwards replace the nozzle.
The use of water is obtained pressing the start switch I, the pump
starts working then press the lever of the gun L. Hot water is
obtained by pressing the switch I, then adjusting to the approprate
temperature required on thethermostat M, press the gun's lever
L and the burner will turn on producing hot water at the desired
Once having operated the machine with hot water and before
turning it off, let it run with cold water for a couple of minutes. The
pressure is adjusted by the manufacturer at 120 bar and must not
be changed for any reason. The detergent is applied by introducing
filter O of the detergent into a suitable container P, by adjusting the
knob R, the amount of detergent is controlled through the lance.
At the end of the working day, switch off the machine and turn the
water supply off. Press the lever on the gun to remove the residual
pressure from the hose.
Machine start up
Before turning the machine off always run with cold water for
a few minutes.
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Table of Contents

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