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Machine Installation - Makita HW120 Instruction Manual

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Machine installation

Machine installation
Fill the fuel tank G, with fuel (diesel) (Fig. 3).
The machine you are about to use will operate at it's best if all
instructions are duly followed. Before turning on the machine, make
sure it is perfectly horizontal on a firm level surface.
Connect the high pressure hose A to
the gun B, and with the other side of the
hose to the intake fitting, fixing tightly
Fig. 3
the fastening nut C (Fig. 1).
Fig. 1
Connect the water supply hose E to
the infeed fitting F. It is recommended
to use a reinforced hose having an
inner diameter of at least 10 mm. The
water intake must be at a pressure of
1 bar minimum and have a max inlet
temperature of 60°C (Fig. 2).
Fig. 2


Table of Contents

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