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Cleaning - Black & Decker BDPS400 Instruction Manual

Power paint sprayer.
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• Maintain smooth and consistent speed which will help avoid inconsistencies. Begin spraying after the pass has
begun and release trigger before stopping the pass.
• Avoid spraying too heavily in any one area. Several lighter coats are better than one heavy coat which can lead to
running and dripping. Remember that the flow control knob regulates the amount of liquid that can be sprayed. Turning
the flow knob counterclockwise increases the flow of liquid. Turning the knob clockwise decreases the flow of liquid. If
runs or drips do occur, have a dry paint brush on hand to smooth them out.
ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD. When spraying overhead, never tip the sprayer more than
45 degrees. The material being sprayed could leak into the motor housing.
TIP: If the atomizer valve is not seated
properly, spray material will leak from
behind the spray nozzle. If material is
leaking, turn off and unplug sprayer from
power source immediately. Follow these
steps to correct the problem:
• Unplug the sprayer from the power source.
Follow steps for "How to Use the Quick Clean
System" on page 13.
If problem presists:
• Check that the sprayer is unplugged from the
power source. Remove the spray nozzle by
turning counterclockwise (figure N). For the fan
nozzle, remember to push and turn
counterclockwise to remove.
• Remove the atomizer and check to see if it
needs to be cleaned or replaced. Also check
inside the pump housing for any debris or
obstruction and clean if necessary (figure N1).
• Replace the atomizer valve making sure it
seats properly (figure N2).
• Thread the spray nozzle back onto the sprayer
by turning clockwise
(figure N3).
Be sure to use appropriate protective gear.
• Make sure clean up area is well ventilated and free of flammable vapors.
• Always spray outdoors when spraying cleaning solution through sprayer.
• Use drop cloths during pouring, mixing, and viscosity testing of materials to be sprayed to protect your floors and
anything else in the spraying area that you wish to remain untouched.
The quick clean system allows for a variety of useful functions.
First, the system can allow you to spray water or a suitable cleaning liquid while there is still spray material in the main
canister. This is useful when setting up your spray pattern with the fan nozzle. You can spray water instead of wasting
spray material to view the spray pattern.
Second, the quick clean system allows you to flush the pump assembly, the piston, the nozzle and the atomizer valve.
When spraying for long periods of time, spray material may build up causing a deterioration of the spray quality. It is
good to flush this system with water or cleaning liquid after every other spray material refill. It is also important to flush
the system when the sprayer will sit for more than 15 minutes without use. Spray material can dry on the nozzle and
pump assembly and would require a thorough cleaning. Always oil piston if sitting idle for a long period of time. See
"Reassembly Section".




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