English - Kenwood CM300 series Instructions Manual

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Kenwood Coffee Experience
Here at Kenwood we share your appreciation for coffee and that's why we have
ensured that this filter machine will enrich your experience for enjoying filtered
coffee. Unfortunately not all coffee machines are able to brew coffee the ways it's
meant to be. In fact it's a fine art to deliver the perfect cup; a combination of using
the right ingredients and the right equipment.
Filter coffee is one of the many ways to enjoy coffee, below are some
recommendations to perfect the ultimate filter coffee experience to serve you,
family and friends.
The Water ~ Your coffee is around 98-99% water so it's important to ensure you
use fresh filtered water. We recommend using a water filter as it will reduce
limescale and prolong the use of your coffee maker.
The offee ~ This machine will optimise the flavour of medium ground coffee, to
deliver full body, aroma and taste. Be sure before you buy that the coffee is
suitable for a filter machine. Or if you grind your own beans set the grinder to
medium coarseness. If the particles are too small, water will pass through the filter
too slowly resulting in 'over-extraction'; your coffee will taste bitter. If particles are
too large, water will pass through too quickly resulting in 'under-extraction'; your
coffee will taste weak and watery.
The Measurements ~ To brew a perfectly balanced cup we recommend to use
7 grams or 1 tbsp of ground coffee per cup. Use the measuring spoon provided to
do this accurately. Coffee will taste better when fresh so we recommend drinking
within 30 minutes of brewing, any longer and taste begins to deteriorate.
The Maintenance ~ Use paper filters or a permanent filter either type is suitable to
produce great coffee. We recommend that you rinse your permanent filter with
water after every use as any residual detergent could taint your coffee. Dispose of
the used grounds immediately after use to prevent drip through of unwanted
flavours trapped in the used coffee grounds. Try to keep your coffee machine
clean, especially the shower head as this will help to prolong your machine and
maintain perfect brewing.
We hope you will enjoy coffee brewed from Kenwood.

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Table of Contents

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