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Nokia 770 Service Manual page 14

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CMO Operations & Logistics
WW Competence Transfer
Multimedia Creation & Support
17.) The Engine Module is secured with three snaps to
the Frame Assy. Release the snaps carefully.
19.) Remove the Microphone with the dental tool.
21.) Unlock the first snap. Push the Antenna Assy with
a slotted screwdriver and lift it using the SRT-6 as a
23.) Remove the Antenna Assy carefully with tweezers.
Service Manual xxxx Level 1&2
PAGE 14 (22)
18.) Remove the Engine Module paying attention to
the Keymat Flex Connector.
20.) Press out the DC-Jack by using DC-plug.
22.) Now, unlock the other side of the Antenna Assy.
24.) Remove the MMC Cover by pushing it out and
position it in the middle of its guidance.
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