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Troubleshooting Guide - Pioneer WYQ Series User Manual

Inverter split-type room air conditioner
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7. The air conditioner runs
function after turning off the unit.
When turning off the unit under COOL(AUTO COOL, FORCED COOL) and DRY mode, the air
conditioner will run
function for 7-10 minutes,
continue operating for about 30 seconds at LOW fan speed,
off the unit automatically.
8. Dripping water may generate on the surface of the indoor unit when cooling in a high
relatively humidity (relative humidity higher than 80%). Adjust the horizontal louver to
the maximum air outlet position and select HIGH fan speed.
9. Heating mode (For cooling and heating models only)
The air conditioner draws in heat from the outdoor unit and releases it via the indoor unit
during heating operation. When the outdoor temperature falls, heat drawn in by the air
conditioner decreases accordingly. At the same time, heat loading of the air conditioner
increases due to larger difference between indoor and outdoor temperature. If a
comfortable temperature can't be achieved by the air conditioner, we suggest you use a
supplementary heating device.
10. Auto-restart function
Power failure during operation will stop the unit completely.
For the unit without Auto-restart feature, when the power restores, the OPERATION indicator
on the indoor unit starts flashing. To restart the operation, push the ON/OFF button on the
remote controller. For the unit with Auto-restart feature, when the power restores, the unit
restarts automatically with all the previous settings preserved by the memory function.
if turns off on HEAT mode, the unit will
then stop the operation and turn

Troubleshooting guide

OPERATION(RUN) indicator or other
indicators continue flashing.
If one of the following code appears on the
display area : E0,E1,E2,E3....., P0,P1,P2,
P3...., or F0,F1,F2,F3.......
Fuse blows frequently or circuit breaker trips
frequently .
Other objects or water fall into the air conditioner.
Terrible odors are smelled or abnormal sounds
are heard.
Unit does not
Power cut
Unit may have become Unplugged.
Fuse may have blown.
Battery in Remote controller may
have been exhausted.
The time you have set with timer
is incorrect.
Unit not cooling
Inappropriate temperature
or heating
(Cooling/ heating
models only)
Air filter is blocked.
room very well
Doors or Windows are open.
while air flowing
out from the air
Air inlet or outlet of indoor or
outdoor unit has been blocked.
Compressor 3 minutes
protection has been activated.
If the trouble has not been corrected, please contact a local dealer or the nearest customer
service center. Be sure to inform them of the detailed malfunctions and unit model number.
Notes: Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself.
Always consult an authorized service provider.
The unit may stop operation or continue
to run in a safety condition(depending
on models). Waiting for about 10
minutes, the fault may be recovered
automatically, if not, disconnect the
power and then connect it in again. If
the problem still exists, disconnect
the power and contact the nearest
customer service center.
Stop the air conditioner immediately,
disconnect the power and contact the
nearest customer service center.
What should be done?
Wait for power to be restored.
Check that plug is securely in wall
Replace the fuse.
Replace the battery.
Wait or cancel timer setting.
Set temperature correctly. For
detailed method please refer to
"Using remote control" section.
Clean the air filter.
Close the doors or windows.
Clear obstructions away first, then
restart the unit.



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