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How The Air Conditioner Works; Care And Maintenance; Before Maintenance; Cleaning The Air Filter And Air Freshening Filter - Pioneer WYQ Series User Manual

Inverter split-type room air conditioner
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How the air conditioner works

SLEEP operation
AUTO operation
7 hours timer off
When you set the air conditioner in AUTO mode, it will
automatically select cooling, heating(cooling/heating
models only), or fan only operation depending on set
temperature and the room temperature.
The air conditioner will control room temperature
1 hour
1 hour
automatically to the temperature point you set.
If you feel uncomfortable in the AUTO mode, you can set
your desired temperature.
SLEEP operation
SLEEP operation
When you push SLEEP button on remote controller
7 hours timer off
during cooling, heating(cooling & heating models only),
or AUTO operation , the air conditioner will
automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating)
steadily for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off.
This mode saves you energy and brings you comfort
1 hour 1 hour
at night.
DRYING operation
The fan speed will be automatically controlled under
dry operation.
During the dry operation, if the room temperature is
lower than 10 C(50 F), the compressor stops operation
and restarts until the room temperature is above
12 C(54 F).
Optimal operation
To achieve optimal performance, please note the
Adjust the air flow direction correctly so that it is not
forwards people.
Adjust the temperature to achieve the highest comfort
level. Do not adjust the unit to excessive temperature
Close doors and windows on COOL or HEAT modes,
or performance may be reduced.
Use TIMER ON button on the remote controller to
select a time you want to start your air conditioner.
Do not put any object near air inlet or air outlet, as the
efficiency of the air conditioner may be reduced and
the air conditioner may stop running.
Clean the air filter periodically, otherwise cooling or
heating performance may be reduced.
Do not operate unit with horizontal louvre in closed
per hour for the first 2 hours, then hold
9 9

Care and Maintenance

Before mainatenance
Turn the system off before cleaning. To clean, wipe with
a soft, dry cloth. Do not use bleach or abrasives.
NOTE: Power supply must be disconnectd before
cleaning the indoor unit.
A cloth dampened with cold water may be used
on the indoor unit if it is very dirty. Then wipe it
with a dry cloth.
Do not use a chemically treated cloth or duster to
clean the unit.
Do not use benzine, thinner, polishing powder, or
similar solvents for cleaning. These may cause
Cleaning the unit
wipe the unit with a soft dry cloth only. If the unit is
very dirty, wipe it with a cloth soaked in warm water.

Cleaning the air filter and air freshening filter

A clogged air filter reduces the cooling efficiency of
this unit. Please clean the filter once every 2 weeks.
1. Lift the indoor unit panel up to an angle until it
stops with a clicking sound.For some models,
please use suspension bars to prop up the panel.
2. Take hold of the handle of the air filter and lift it
up slightly to take it out from the filter holder,
then pull it downwards.
3. Remove the AIR FILTER from the indoor unit.
the plastic surface to crack or deform.
Never use water hotter than 40 C/104 F to clean
the front panel, it could cause deformation of
Clean the AIR FILTER once two weeks.
Clean the AIR FILTER with a vacuum cleaner
or water, then dry it up in cool place.



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