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Names Of Parts; Indoor Unit; Outdoor Unit; Indication Lamp - Pioneer WYQ Series User Manual

Inverter split-type room air conditioner
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Indoor unit


Outdoor unit


Indication lamp

Signal receiver
These three indication lamps
flash in cycles when solar
PV ECO function is activated.
(Applicable to the unit adopts
solar photovoltaic system only.)
Names of parts
Indoor unit
1. Front panel
2. Air inlet
3. Air filter
4. Air outlet
5. Horizontal air flow grille
6. Vertical air flow louver(inside)
7. Display panel
Outdoor unit
8. Connecting pipe
9. Connecting cable
10. Stop valve
All the pictures in this manual are for
explanation purposes only. The actual shape
of the indoor unit you purchased may be slight
different on front panel and display window.The
actual shape shall prevail.
Indication lamp
ION indication lamp(optional function)
This lamp illuminates when Clean
Air feature is activated.
ndication lamp
(Enabled on cooling & heating models only):
Lights up
when the air conditioner starts
defrosting automatically or when the warm
air control feature is activated in heating
OPERATION indication lamp
This lamp illuminates when the air
conditioner is in operation.
TIMER indication lamp
Lights up during Timer operation.
Temperature indicator
Displays the temperature settings when the
air conditioner is operational.
Displays the malfunction code.
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Special functions

Refrigerant Leakage Detection
With this new technology, the dipsplay area will appear EC and the indication lamps
continue flashing when the outdoor unit detects refrigerant leakage.
Louver Angle Memory Function(optional):
Within the scope of safety angle, it will memorize the open angle of horizontal louver.
If it exceeds, it will memorize the boundry of safety angle. In the following circumstances,
it will return to standard angle: 1) pressing the manual switch, 2)unplug and then plug
in the machine.
So we strongly suggest that the open angle of the horizontal louver should
not be set too small, in case the condensed water forms and drops from the horizontal louver.
SELF CLEAN function Optional
Function used after the Shut Down of cooling operation to clean the Evaporator
and keep it as fresh for the next operation.
The unit will operate as following sequence : FAN ONLY mode at Low fan speed--Heating
operation with LOW fan speed(applicable to cooling & heating modles only) ---FAN ONLY
operation--Stop Operation---Turn off.
This function is only available under COOL(AUTO COOL, FORCED COOL) and DRY mode.
Before select the function, it is recommended to run the air conditioner under Cooling
operation for about half an hour. Once the Self Clean function is activated, all TIMER
setting will be cancelled.
During Self Clean operation, when press the SELF CLEAN button on the remote
controller again will stop the operation and turn off the unit automatically.
CLEAN AIR function(on some models)
This air conditioner is equipped with ionizer or Plasma Dust Collector(Depending on specific
configuration of the model). With the anions generated by Ionizer, the air circulation of the air
conditioner fills the room with refreshing, natural and healthy air. The Plasma Dust Collector
generates a high voltage ionization zone, through which the air is converted to plasma. Inside
the air most of the dust, smoke, and pollen particles are captured by the electrostatic filter.
Anti-mildew function Optional
When turns off the unit on COOL, DRY , AUTO (Cool) mode, the air conditioner will continue
operating for about 7-10 minutes (depending on models) at LOW fan speed. If turns off on
HEAT mode, the unit will continue operating for about 30 seconds at LOW fan speed. This will
help to dry up the condensed water inside the evaporator, and prevent the breeding of mildew.
Under Anti-mildew operation, do not restart the air conditioner until the unit is completely off.
Vertical swing function Optional
After the AC starts up, users can control the vertical louver swing by the remote controller.


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