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Selecting A Temperature; Warming Times - Miele EGW602-14 Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele built-in plate warmer operating and installation instructions
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just the temperature setting.
Only turn the temperature control
clockwise and then back again.
Stop when you feel a resistance.
Forcing the control past this point
will damage it.
The heat will shut off automatically
when the selected temperature is
reached. It will turn back on again as
soon as the temperature drops below
the selected temperature.
mately 86 °F and 176°F (30 °C and
80 °C) can be set.
Recommended temperatures for
– approximately 104 °F (40 °C)
b for cups and glasses. A hot drink
placed in a cup warmed to this tem-
perature will not cool as fast, while
the cup itself can be touched easily.
– approximately 140 °F (60 °C)
r for serving dishes, bowls and
Food will stay hot longer if placed on
plates heated to this temperature
while the plates will not be too hot to
is used to ad-
between approxi-
Various factors will affect the warming
– material and thickness of dishes,
– quantity,
– how dishes are arranged,
– temperature setting.
As you use the plate warmer you will
learn which settings suit your needs
However, the following information can
be used as a guide:
At temperature setting r of approxi-
mately 140 °F (60 °C) heating:
– 6 place settings:
30 - 35 minutes.
– 12 place settings:
40 - 45 minutes.



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