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Important Warranty Information Regarding; Still Image Warning - Samsung 6580 Series User Manual

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A detailed User's Manual is built into your TV. For more information about how to view this e-Manual see page 33.
Figures and illustrations in this User Manual are provided for reference only and may differ from actual product appearances. Product design and
specifications may be changed without notice.
Wide screen format LED Displays (with 16:9 aspect ratios, the ratio of the screen width to height) are primarily designed to view wide screen format full-
motion video. The images displayed on them should primarily be in the wide screen, 16:9 ratio format, or expanded to fill the screen, if your model offers
this feature, with the images constantly in motion. Displaying stationary graphics and images on the screen, such as the dark sidebars on non-expanded
standard format television video and programming, should be limited to no more than 5% of the total television viewing per week.
Additionally, viewing other stationary images and text such as stock market reports, video game displays, station logos, web sites or computer graphics
and patterns, should be limited as described above for all televisions. Displaying stationary images that exceed the above guidelines can cause uneven
aging of LED Displays that leave subtle, but permanent burned-in ghost images in the LED picture. To avoid this, vary the programming and images, and
primarily display full screen moving images, not stationary patterns or dark bars. On LED models that offer picture sizing features, use these controls to
view different formats as a full screen picture.
Be careful about the television formats you select and the length of time you view them. Uneven LED aging as a result of format selection and use, as
well as burned in images, are not covered by your Samsung limited warranty.
Subject to the requirements, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the original Limited Warranty supplied with Samsung Electronics (SAMSUNG)
products, and the requirements, conditions, exclusions and limitations contained herein, SAMSUNG will additionally provide Warranty Repair Service
in the United States on SAMSUNG products purchased in Canada, and in Canada on SAMSUNG products purchased in the United States, for the
warranty period originally specified, and to the Original Purchaser only.
The above described warranty repairs must be performed by a SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center. Along with this Statement, the Original Limited
Warranty Statement and a dated Bill of Sale as Proof of Purchase must be presented to the Service Center. Transportation to and from the Service
Center is the responsibility of the purchaser. Conditions covered are limited only to manufacturing defects in material or workmanship, and only those
encountered in normal use of the product.
Excluded, but not limited to, are any originally specified provisions for, in-home or on-site services, minimum or maximum repair times, exchanges or
replacements, accessories, options, upgrades, or consumables.
For the location of a SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center, please call toll-free:
– In the United States : 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)
– In Canada : 1-800-SAMSUNG
Avoid displaying still images (such as jpeg picture files), still image elements (such as TV channel logos, stock or news bars at the screen bottom etc.),
or programs in panorama or 4:3 image format on the screen. Constantly displaying still pictures can cause image burn-in on the LED screen, which will
affect image quality. To reduce risk of this effect, please follow the recommendations below:
• Avoid displaying the same TV channel for long periods.
• Always try to display any image in full screen. Use the TV set's picture format menu for the best possible match.
• Reduce brightness and contrast to avoid the appearance of after-images.
• Use all TV features designed to reduce image retention and screen burn. Refer to the e-Manual for details.
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Important Warranty Information Regarding

Still image warning

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Table of Contents

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