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Choosing Contacts to Display
1. Touch
2. Touch
Choose one of the following display options:
• All contacts: Show all contacts.
• Phone: Only contacts stored to your device.
• SIM: Only contacts saved to the SIM card.
• <account>: Only display contacts from this account.
• Customized list: Select contact types for each
account or the phone.

Creating Contacts

1. Touch
2. At the Save contact to prompt, select a save option for
the contact (options depend on accounts set up):
• Device: Save to the phone's Contacts.
• Google: Save to your Google account.
• Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync: Save to your
Outlook account.
• Add new account: Add a new account type.
Contacts to display.
Create contact.
Note: New contacts are saved in "my device contacts" unless
you add an account.
3. Touch the Contact image to choose a picture to identify
the contact.
4. Touch contact fields to display the keyboard and enter
• Some fields have preset values. Touch the field and
touch the desired value. For example, touch the
Label tab and touch a label for the field.
• Other fields have to be input. Touch the field and use
the onscreen keyboard to input information.
• Touching the check box next to some fields may make
additional fields available.
• Touch
to add additional fields. Touch
an unused field. Also, touch Add another field to add
other fields.
• Touch the screen and swipe up or down to display
additional fields or touch Next on the keyboard to move
to the next field.
to remove


Table of Contents

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