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Panasonic Povcam AG-HCK10 Operating Instructions Manual page 9

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Shooting by hand
When holding the camera head by hand for shooting, make sure that your hand does not cover the air
inlet, air outlet or built-in microphone.
Air outlet
Make sure that your hand does not cover the camera head's heat dissipation outlet or built-in
Mounting on a tripod
Attach the tripod to the camera head's tripod mounting hole.
The depth of the tripod mounting hole is 5.5 mm. Do not force the screw beyond this depth when
attaching the camera head to a tripod. You may damage the camera head if you use any screw other
than 1/4-20UNC.
Beware of the following if fixing the camera head to something other than a tripod.
Fix the camera head securely with vinyl tape or something similar to make sure that it does not wobble.
* Do not use tape that has a strong adhesive, because it may peel off the paint.
Do not cover the camera head's air inlet, air outlet or built-in microphone with the material that you use
for fixing the camera head.
If you hold the camera head as shown in the examples below, the cable and connector will be
subjected to a large load and may be damaged.
Further, the cable may disconnect and the camera head may fall, or the camera head may hit a
surrounding object such as a wall, resulting in damage.
Holding or fixing by the cable only
Built-in microphone
Air inlet
Tripod mounting
Suspending the camera head while
holding the cable only



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