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Please Read Before Use - Panasonic Povcam AG-HCK10 Operating Instructions Manual

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Please read before use

Do not allow any water to get into the unit when
using it in the rain or snow or at the beach.
Failure to heed this caution will cause the unit
to malfunction (and may result in irreparable
Keep the unit away from equipment (such
as TV sets and video game machines) that
generate magnetic fields.
Using the unit on top of or near a TV set may
cause distortion in the images and/or sound due
to the electromagnetic waves that the set emits.
The powerful magnetic fields generated by
speakers or large motors may damage your
recordings or distort the images.
The electromagnetic waves emitted from a
microcomputer will adversely affect the unit,
causing the images and/or sound to be distorted.
If the unit is so adversely affected by products
that generate magnetic fields that it no longer
operates properly, do the followings. 1. Turn
off the power of the recorder AG-HMR10. 2.
Remove the battery from the recorder or unplug
the AC adapter from the power outlet. 3. Install
the battery again or reconnect the AC adapter. 4.
Turn the recorder back on.
Do not use the unit near radio transmitters or
high-voltage equipment.
Using the unit near a radio transmitter or high-
voltage equipment may adversely affect the
recorded images and/or sound
When cleaning, do not use benzene or thinner.
Using benzine or paint thinners may deform the camera head and/or cause the surface finish to peel off.
Before proceeding with maintenance, disconnect the camera cable from the camera head.
Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe the camera head. To remove stubborn dirt, wipe the camera head with a
cloth moistened with kitchen detergent that has been diluted with water and then use a dry cloth to take
up the remaining moisture.
Do not allow any sand or dust to get into the
unit when using it at the beach and other
similar places.
Sand and dust can damage the unit.
When the camera head is connected to the
portable recorder, do not carry them by
holding the camera head or the camera cable
Doing so may put undue stress on the camera
head and the cable, and may damage them
Do not spray the unit with insect sprays or
other volatile substances.
These can warp the unit or cause the finish to
come off.
Do not leave the unit in contact with rubber or
PVC products for extended periods of time.
Turn the recorder off first and then disconnect the
camera cable after use
Do not point the lens at the sun.
Doing so may damage the parts inside.
Caution regarding laser beams
The CCD may be damaged if it is subjected to
light from a laser beam.
When using the unit in locations where laser
irradiation equipment is used, be careful not to
allow the laser beam to shine directly on the lens.



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