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You can calibrate the weighing
function, i.e. set the display back to
zero, to add items to those already
^ Press the control until the zeros
appear in the display.
You can calibrate it again if you want to
weigh additional items.
Finally you can call up the total weight
in the display by calibrating the
weighing function once again and then
removing all the items.
The total weight will be displayed with a
(-) in front of the amount.

Over loading / under loading

If the item(s) being weighed is more
than 10 kg / 22 lb "- - - - -" will appear
in the display.
If the item(s) being weighed is less than
0.015 kg / 0.6 oz, a value will appear in
the display. However, this value will be
incorrect as the appliance is not
designed for items less than 0.015 kg /
0.6 oz.

Switching off

^ Press the control until "0.000" kg or
"0: 0.0" lb/oz appears in the display.
^ Switch off the weighing function by
pressing the control again.
If the weighing function is not used for a
period of two minutes, it will switch itself
off automatically.

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Table of Contents

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