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Changing from metric to
imperial measurements
The weight can be displayed in kg or in
lb/oz. You can only change from one to
the other when the weighing function is
switched off.
Altering the weight measurement
^ Press the control for about 5
The measurement unit currently
selected will appear in the display.
^ To change the measurement unit
displayed, press the control briefly.
^ Then press the control again for
approx. 5 seconds until "88888"
appears in the display.
The measurement unit selected is now
stored in memory.
If you try to do this with the weighing
function switched on, "C 100" will
appear in the display.
Remove any food which has been
placed on the surface and wait 2
minutes for the weighing function to
switch off automatically.
Now start again from the beginning.

Switching on and weighing

^ Switch on the weighing function by
pressing the control.
"88888" will appear in the display first of
all, followed automatically by
"0.000" kg or
"0: 0.0" lb/oz .
The weighing function is now ready for
^ If possible, the items to be weighed
should be placed in the middle of the
weighing surface.
The weight will appear in the display.

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Table of Contents

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