Warning And Safety Instructions - Miele CSWA 400 Manual

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Before using the appliance for the
first time, read the operating
instructions carefully. They contain
important notes on the safety, operation
and care of the appliance. This way you
will avoid the risk of accidents and
damage to the appliance.
This appliance is intended for
domestic use only and is not to be
used for commercial purposes.
Do not drop pots, pans or other
objects on the ceramic surface.
Even a light object such as a salt cellar,
could cause damage in certain
Do not cut up food on the ceramic
surface as this could cause
Do not push pots and pans around
on the ceramic surface as this
could damage it. Soiling such as sand
can also cause scratches.
Never place hot pans near the
display area. The electronic unit
underneath could get damaged.
Never place hot pans on the
ceramic surface if the contents
have boiled over.
Keep hot pans etc away from the
control as it is not heat-resistant.

Warning and Safety instructions

Do not let liquid get into the
building-in frame through the gap
around the appliance. This could
damage the electronic unit.
If any liquid should get into the
building-in frame, wipe it up imme-
diately to avoid any damage or
unpleasant smells.
Also make sure that food particles
cannot get lodged in the gap
around the appliance or get into the
building-in frame. This could result in
an incorrect weight being shown in the
Only lift the ceramic weighing
surface up by the control. Do not
use any metal implements to lift it up.
These could scratch the frame.
Under no circumstances use a
steam cleaning appliance to clean
this appliance. Pressurised steam
could cause permanent damage to the
surface and to components, for which
the manufacturer cannot accept liability.
While the appliance is under
guarantee, repairs should only be
undertaken by a service engineer
authorised by the manufacturer.
Otherwise the guarantee is invalidated.

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Table of Contents

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