Cleaning And Care - Miele CSWA 400 Manual

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Under no circumstances use a
steam cleaning appliance to clean
this appliance. Pressurised steam
could cause permanent damage to
the surface and to components, for
which the manufacturer cannot
accept liability.
Only lift the ceramic weighing
surface up by the control. Do not
use any metal implements to lift it
up. These could scratch the frame.
Never use abrasive or aggressive
cleaning agents, such as grill or
oven cleaning sprays, stain or rust
removers, scouring agents, pads or
sponges as these could damage the
surface of the appliance.

Cleaning and care

The ceramic surface of the appliance
should be cleaned after each use. Also
check the frame after each use and
remove any food debris or liquid imme-
diately. Clean the building-in frame
Use a damp cloth or a solution of
washing up liquid and hot water, as
For more stubborn soiling, a cleaning
agent specially designed for cleaning
ceramic surfaces may be used. After
cleaning, wipe the surface with a damp
cloth to avoid smearing.
Finally, wipe dry the whole appliance
using a clean, soft cloth.

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Table of Contents

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