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Yamaha A-S2100 Owner's Manual page 20

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■ Connecting to the BAL jacks
Connect your CD player or network player with the XLR
balanced output jacks.
Set the ATTENUATOR selector and PHASE selector
located above the BAL jacks according to the component
to be connected.
ATTENUATOR selector:
Select the allowable input level for the XLR balanced
input jacks. If sound from the connected component is
distorted, set the ATTENUATOR selector to ATT. (-6 dB).
PHASE selector:
Select the assignment of the HOT pin of the XLR
balanced input jacks (pin 2 HOT or pin 3 HOT).
NORMAL (pin 2 HOT)
2: hot
3: cold
INV. (pin 3 HOT)
2: cold
3: hot
Refer to the owner's manual supplied with the connected
component and verify the assignment of the HOT pin of
its XLR balanced output jacks.
Yamaha CD players are set to NORMAL (pin 2 HOT).
XLR connectors:
When connecting, be sure to match the pins and insert the
connector of the "male" XLR balanced cable until you
hear a "click". When disconnecting, pull out the "male"
XLR balanced cable while holding down the lever of the
BAL jack.
"Female" XLR connector
1: ground
To select the component connected to the BAL jacks, set the input
source to BAL.
1: ground
BAL jack
"Male" XLR connector



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