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Using Control Changes To Control Parameters - Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 Operation Manual

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MIDI/GPI  Using Control Changes to control parameters
Select SCENE in the TYPE field, and then use the LIST/DIRECT field to select a
desired scene number for recall operations.
To select an item, use the [TOUCH AND TURN] knob. Press the OK button to confirm the
change and close the MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE popup window.
Alternatively, you can select a scene number by pressing the desired number in the field or by
turning the corresponding screen encoder.
Assign scenes to other program numbers in the same way.
With these settings, recalling a specified scene on the RIVAGE PM10 system will cause the
corresponding Program Change (or Bank Select and Program Change) messages to be
transmitted to an external device.
When an external device receives Program Change (or Bank Select plus Program Change)
messages on the appropriate MIDI channel, the scene assigned to that program number of the
corresponding MIDI channel (or bank number) will be recalled.
• You can use the CLEAR ALL button to erase all assignments to program numbers.
• Assignments to program numbers are maintained as settings for the entire system, rather than
for individual scenes.
• In Single mode, if the same scene is assigned to more than one program number on a Tx
channel, only the lowest program number will be transmitted. (If the BANK button is on, only
the program number of the lowest bank number will be transmitted.)
• In Multi mode, if the same scene is assigned to more than one MIDI channel and more than
one program number, only the lowest program number on each MIDI channel will be

Using Control Changes to control parameters

You can use MIDI Control Change messages to control specified fader/knob operations, [ON] key
on/off operations, etc. on the RIVAGE PM10 system. This capability can be used to record fader and
key operations on a MIDI sequencer or other external device, and play back the data later.
Using Control Changes
This method uses typical Control Changes (control numbers 1–31, 33–95, 102–119). You can freely
assign an operation to each control number.
Connect the CS-R10 to your external device.
As described in
"Basic MIDI
be used to transmit/receive Control Changes.
Press the PROGRAM CHANGE tab.
The screen contains the following items.
234), select MIDI channels that will
RIVAGE PM10 Operation Manual


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