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Faders And Fader Layers - Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 Operation Manual

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Bay  Faders and fader layers
A bay consists of a group of 12 faders located across the Touch Screen section and the Channel Strip
The CS-R10 control surface contains three (L/C/R) bays, each of which you can control
independently. Therefore, you can perform mixing operations, such as recalling settings to the touch
screen or switching between12-fader layers on a bay, without affecting the settings on other bays.
Please note that unlike bay L and bay C, bay R does not feature a touch screen or screen encoders
beneath it. If you connect an external screen monitor, you will be able to use it exclusively for bay R.
The external monitor will display content similarly to bay L and bay C, except that it will display a
layer or channels that are selected on bay R.
Bay L
Bay C
Selected Channel section
Bay R

Faders and fader layers

■ Selecting a layer
Twelve faders are arranged into layers, as illustrated below. You can use the Layer Select keys to the
right of the faders to recall the channels to edit.
There are two layer types: base layer and custom layer.
■ Base layer
A base layer features mixer channels lined up in the fixed order of
Input [1-12], [13-24] ... [133-144]: total 12 layers
Mix [1-12], [13-24] ... [61-72]: total 6 layers
Matrix [1-12], [13-24] ... [35-36]: total 3 layers
Stereo [A/B]: total one layer
CUE [A/B], MONITOR [A/B]: total one layer
DCA [1-12], [13-24]: total 2 layers
■ Custom layer
A custom layer contains 12 faders to which you can assign
You can assign 12 layers (2 banks x 6 layers) of custom faders for
each bay independently.
To edit a specific input channels/output channels/DCA/custom channel, use the LAYER key to
select a layer.
The Layer Select key of the currently-selected layer will light up, and the layer display will show the
short names of the corresponding channels.
For example, if you select LAYER [IN 1-12], you will be able to use the [SEL]1 key to control input
channel 1. If you select LAYER [IN 25-36], you will be able to use the same [SEL]1 key to control
input channel 25.
RIVAGE PM10 Operation Manual


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