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CH Parameter  EQ
Signal level that flows on the TWINLANe network when gain compensation
is on
If gain compensation is turned on, changing the analog gain will cause the signal being output to the
TWINLANe network to be compensated by an equal and opposite amount as the change in the
analog gain. This means that the signal on the TWINLANe network will be compensated to a
consistent level in the digital domain.
For example, if the analog gain value is set to +30 dB and you turn gain compensation on, raising the
analog gain to +45 dB will apply –15 dB of compensation to the TWINLANe network so that the
signal is sent at a +30 dB level.
When a single I/O rack unit is shared by the FOH console and the monitor console, even if the
analog gain is changed on the FOH console, the signal that flows on the TWINLANe network stays
at the same level, so that the input level to the monitor console is not affected.
It is important to note that if the analog gain is raised excessively so that distortion occurs, you must
temporarily turn gain compensation off, readjust the input level appropriately, and then turn gain
compensation on again. If you lower the analog gain while gain compensation is still on, gain
compensation operates to boost the signal on the TWINLANe network by the same amount, so the
signal will still be distorted.
The RIVAGE PM10 features a full-parametric channel EQ (4-band for input and 8-band for output).
It includes the following features:
• EQ can be used on all input channels and all output channels.
• High/low pass filters are independent of the EQ, and they can be used on either input channels
or output channels.
• You can store and switch between two sets (A/B) of parameter settings.
• The FREQUENCY parameter for each band can be set in 1/24 oct steps.
• Two bands can be changed to L SHELL (Low Shelving) and H SHELL (High Shelving).
The available EQ types include:
This EQ strives for ultimate precision and controllability. It enables you to
adjust the target point precisely, and flexibly satisfies various requirements
for sound making. Low/High Shelving filters feature a "Q" parameter, which
enables you to adjust the knee characteristics.
This EQ is musical and effective.
It enables you to add a powerful, creative edge and serves as a powerful
tool for artistic expression.
This EQ focuses on smooth sound qualities.
It contributes to a natural sound without changing the atmosphere of the
This is a standard EQ that has been equipped with many of Yamaha's
legacy digital mixers, such as PM1D and PM5D.
RIVAGE PM10 Operation Manual


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