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Unplugging The Device Properly - Asus External CD-RW CRW-5232AS-U User Manual

External cd-rw 52x/32x/52x cd-rw drive
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Unplugging the device properly

Make sure that you properly unplug or disconnect the device from the
computer to avoid computer crash or possible data loss.
Follow these steps to safely unplug the drive.
1. Locate the Unplug or Eject
Hardware icon found in the
Double-click on the icon.
2. Select the name of the hardware
device to unplug.
Click Stop.
3. Select the device to be stopped
when prompted.
Click OK.
4. You may now safely unplug the
device from the system.
Click OK.
5. The screen display goes back to the Unplug or Eject Hardware
dialog box. Click on Close.
ASUS CRW-5232AS-U external CD-RW


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