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Installing Crw-5224A-U Driver - Asus External CD-RW CRW-5224A-U User Manual

External cd-rw 52x/24x/52x cd-rw drive


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For Windows 98SE
Installing the CRW-5224A-U driver
Windows 98 Second Edition users need to install the CRW-5224A-U
device driver for the PC to recognize the new hardware installed. A device
driver is the software program that makes a device work on an operating
system (OS).
Follow these steps to install the CRW-5224A-U driver:
1. Make sure all cable connections to the drive and the PC are properly
2. Boot PC.
3. Insert the bundled software CD in the CD drive of your PC.
4. Turn on the External CRW-5224A-U drive.
5. After boot-up, the OS will detect a
new hardware was found. Follow
the wizard to copy the driver files
to your system.
Click Next.
6. Windows 98SE
search for the best driver for the
device, select (Recommended)
Click Next.
7. Specify the location of the driver
.INF file , click on Browse.
can automatically
ASUS CRW-5224A-U User's Manual


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents