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① Pressing the Right button moves the cursor rightward.
② Pressing the Left button moves the cursor leftward.
③ Pressing the left button cursor is moved to the vertical axis.
④ Pressing the Down button moves the cursor downward.
⑤ Pressing the Up button moves the cursor upward.
⑥ Pressing the OK button confirms the selection of the item on the cursor.
⑦ Pressing the Up button increases the value.
⑧ Pressing the Down button decreases the value.
⑨ Pressing the OK button confirms the selection of the current value.
The setting of the fuel injection amount is based on two
variables - throttle opening and engine speed, whereas the
setting of the carburetor is only based on the throttle opening.
This enables finer setting for the fuel injection system.
 After editing, pressing the F4 button writes the edited setting
data into ECU.
 The display returns to the Map adjustment screen when the
writing into ECU has completed.
 To continue editing of the setting data, or to save the data,
press the F1, F2 or F4 button.
F1: Adjusting the fuel injection amount of the same data
setting (Refer to p. 34.)
F2: Adjusting the ignition timing of the same data setting
(Refer to p. 38.)
F4: Saving the data into SD memory card (Refer to p. 46.)
If the Cancel button is pressed at Map adjustment screen, the
message shown in the drawing appears.
Pressing the F1 button discards the current setting data and
returns the display to the Setting selection screen.
Pressing the F2 button returns the display to the Map
adjustment screen.
To save the setting data written in ECU, refer to "Saving the
setting data" on page 46.

Saving the setting data

The setting data edited in the fuel injection amount or ignition
timing adjustment screen can be saved in the Calibration
Perform the procedure following the steps of this text while
referring to the flowchart shown below. The following description
is to use a sample data. The procedure to use a user library data
is almost the same.


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