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Voice Dialing; Last Number Redial; Ending A Call; Call Waiting - LG TonePro HBS-750 User Manual

Bluetooth stereo headset
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Table of Contents
How to Use

Voice Dialing

- Press and hold the CALL button for 1 second to activate Voice Command. For best
results, record the voice dialing tag through your headset.
NOTE: If your handset does not support voice dialing, this action may activate Last
Number Redial.

Last Number Redial

- Press and hold the CALL button for 3 seconds to activate Last Number Redial.
The headset will beep and then call the last number dialed.

Ending a Call

- Briefly press the CALL button.

Call Waiting

- Answer a second call without hanging up the first call by pressing the CALL button
for 1 second. Press the CALL button for 1 second to return to the original call.
- Briefly press the CALL button to terminate both calls at once.

Rejecting a Call

- Activate call reject by pressing the CALL button for 1 second when the handset rings.
* These functions may only be used if your handset supports them. For further
information about using these features, please consult your handset's user manual.

Mic Mute

- Press and hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons at the same time for
1 second to mute/unmute the Mic during conversation.

Volume Control

- Press the VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN button to adjust the speaker volume.
- There are 8 levels of speaker volume in Hands-Free mode.
- There are 8 levels of speaker volume in Audio Streaming mode.

Vibrate Control

- To activate or deactivate the Vibrate function, press and hold the VOLUME UP
button for 3 seconds. You will hear "Vibrate on" or "Vibrate off" when it is activated or
- When the HBS-750 is set to vibrate off, the headset will not vibrate when
receiving an incoming call or when it is out of range.
- By powering the unit off and then powering the unit back on, the vibration
functionality will be activated.

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Table of Contents

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