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Auto Reconnect; Calling; Answering A Call; Transferring A Call - LG TonePro HBS-750 User Manual

Bluetooth stereo headset
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Table of Contents
Calling Function
- Voice Dialing and Last Number Redial features work with the primary handset (or
handset which made the last outgoing call).
Call Waiting
- While speaking on an active call, press the CALL button for 1 second to switch to an
incoming call.
- To switch between 2 active calls, press the CALL button for 1 second.
- To end both calls briefly press the CALL button.
- If both handsets are receiving an incoming call, the headset will default to the primary device.

Auto Reconnect

- If the HBS-750 is turned off (either accidentally or intentionally) while connected to
a handset, the headset and handset will disconnect. The headset and handset will
automatically reconnect when the HBS-750 is turned back on while in range.
- The secondary handset will need to be connected manually. Select LG HBS750 from
the list of devices in the Bluetooth menu and pair.
Out of Range
- If the paired devices are separated by a range of 33 feet (10 meters) or more, the
headset and handset will disconnect and the HBS-750 will vibrate to alert you.
* HBS-750 will not vibrate if vibration function is on 'off'.
- If the headset and handset do not automatically reconnect when they are back within the
required range, briefly press the CALL button on the HBS-750 to reconnect manually.
- While in multi-connection and streaming, the inactive paired device will be disconnected
when out of range. The HBS-750 will alert you once with no attempt to reconnect.


Answering a Call

- When there is an incoming call, the headset will ring and vibrate.
- Briefly press the VOLUME DOWN button to stop vibration.
* HBS-750 will not vibrate if vibration function is on 'off'.
- Briefly press the CALL button to answer the incoming call.

Transferring a Call

- If you make a call from the handset, the call will (depending on the phone settings)
automatically transfer to the headset. If the call is not automatically transferred, you can
manually transfer the call to or from the headset by pressing and holding the VOLUME
UP button for 3 seconds on the HBS-750 (handset and headset must be paired).
How to Use

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Table of Contents

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