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Using your telephone
Identify the terminal you are on
The number of your telephone is displayed on the "Info" page.
Access the Info page using the navigator.
Making a call
lift the receiver
hands free
programmed line key
To make an external call, dial the outside line access code
before dialling your correspondent's number.
Receiving a call
is calling
lift the
hands free
press the key next to the "incoming
last number redial
Make a call-back request to a busy number
the number you are calling
is busy
Voice message service
Consulting your voice mailbox
If the key flashes, a new voice message or a new text message has been received.
press the key next to "consult voice
or text message"
à3GV19005BSAA010605óë ê ä
Divert your calls to another number
Divert your calls to another number
press the key associated with the
Diverting calls to your voice mailbox
dial directly the
number for your
When you return, cancel all diversions
call" icon
Using call by name
enter the first
letters of the name
hang up
Program your call keys
follow informations
displayed on the screen
Make calls via your programmed call keys
dial the
press the ok key if
type of diversion required
programming is not
(immediate, if busy, if no reply
automatically recorded
press the key associated
press the ok key if
with "divert to voice
programming is not
automatically recorded
if necessary, confirm
cancellation of the
press the key next to "cancel or
deactivate the diversion"
select the name from the
make the call
displayed list
select the name from the
make the call
displayed list
follow informations
displayed on the screen
press a call key (not programmed) or a
programmable key (f1 or f2)
find the correspondent you
call the chosen
want to call from the
programmed call keys
During a conversation
Sending DTMF signals
During a conversation you sometimes have to send DTMF signals, such as with a voice
server, an automated attendant or a remotely consulted answering machine. The function
is automatically cancelled when you hang up.
¤MF code
in conversation
during a
to activate
Calling a second person during a conversation
During a conversation, to call a second person.
New call
dial directly the
number for
your call
Transferring a call
During a conversation, to transfer the call to another number:
number to be
Three-way conference
During a conversation, a second call is on hold.
cancel conference and return to
first correspondent
Guarantee and clauses
This document describes the services available on telephones Alcatel 4028-4029 connected to an
Alcatel OmniPCX Office or Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise system. For more information, please consult
the User Guide for your 4028 (IP set) or 4029 (digital set). Contact your installer.
Warning: never place your telephone in contact with water. To clean your telephone, you may however
use a damp soft cloth. Never use solvents (trichlorethylene, acetone, etc.) which may damage the plastic
parts of your telephone. Never spray it with cleaning products.
The ear piece and microphone area of the handset may attract metallic objects that may be dangerous
for the ear.
The wording is not contractual and may be subject to change. Some functions of your telephone are
controlled by a software key and the configuration of the unit.
EC countries: we, Alcatel Business Systems, declare that the Alcatel 4028 and 4029 products
comply with the essential demands of Directive 1999/5/CE of the European Parliament and Council.
Collection of these products at the end of their product life must be done selectively.
Alcatel Business Systems, in keeping with its policy of constant product improvement for
the customer, reserves the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.
Copyright © Alcatel Business Systems. 2006. All rights reserved.
the first call is on
hang up on all



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