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JVC KA-M790G Instructions Manual: Precautions For Proper Use

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Precautions for Proper Use

Storage and Usage Locations
Avoid using or placing this unit in the
following places.
● Places subject to extreme heat or cold
● Places with excessive dirt or dust
● Places with high humidity or moisture
● Places subject to smoke or vapor such as
near a cooking stove
● Places subject to strong vibrations or
unstable surfaces
● In a parked car under direct sunlight or
near a heater for long hours.
Allowable ambient temperature and humidity
Be sure to use this unit within the allowable
temperature range of 0 f to 40 f and a
relative humidity of 30 % to 80 %. Using this unit
at a temperature outside the allowable range
may result in malfunction of the product.
Strong electromagnetic waves or magnetism
Noise may appear in the picture or audio and/or
the colors may be incorrect if this unit is used
near a radio or television transmitting antenna, in
places where strong magnetic fields are
generated by transformers, motors, etc., or near
devices emitting radio waves, such as
transceivers or cellular phones.
Use of wireless microphone near this unit
When a wireless microphone or wireless
microphone tuner is used near this unit during
recording, the tuner could pick up noise.
Do not place this unit at places that are
subject to radiation or X-rays, or where corrosive
gases occur.
Protect this unit from being splashed with
water. (Especially when shooting in the rain)
Protect this unit from getting wet when
shooting on a beach. In addition, salt and sand
may adhere to the body. Be sure to clean this
unit after use.
Protect this unit against penetration of dust
when using it in a place subject to sandy dust.
When transceiver or mobile phone is used
near this unit, noise may enter the intercom
speaker or appear on the screen. This is not a
Do not drop or hit this unit against a hard
object when transporting.
Moving this unit with the supporting tripod
attached may cause the unit to fall off if they are
subject to external impact or vibration. This may
cause injuries. Make sure to remove the unit
from the tripod before moving it.
Turn off the power before performing any
Wipe the external cabinet of the unit with a
soft cloth. Do not wipe the body with benzene or
thinner. Doing so may cause the surface to melt
or turn cloudy. When it is extremely dirty, soak
the cloth in a solution of neutral detergent, wipe
the body with it, and then use a clean cloth to
remove the detergent.
Power Saving
Turn off the power of the system when the
unit is not in use to save energy.
Use only the specified standard length
camera cable. Otherwise, cable compensation
may not be sufficient.
Use only the designated power supply.
Supply power from a remote control unit, or by
using IDX IA60a or VL-2PLUS.
Do not plug in or unplug the camera cable
connector when the power of this unit is on.


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