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Mitsubishi Electric DX-TL2500E How To Use Manual page 6

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Mitsubishi Digital Recorder - How to Guide
Step 4.
Select the desired TRANSFER PERIOD using the [
START-END - selects the recording start and end time/date. The recorder will copy all data from the HDD
between these times/dates.
START - selects the recording start time/date only. The recorder will copy all data from the HDD from this
start time/date.
LATEST DATA - refers to copying to an external device such as CD-Writer. Do not select
for copying to compact flash card.
Step 5.
Select the desired START or START/END time using the [
Step 6.
Select EXECUTE using the [
] clockwise to start copying.
If the copy operation does not start, turn the [
or press the [
If a compact flash card is not inserted, COPY/NO MEDIA will be displayed
If the capacity of the compact flash card does not match the amount of data being copied,
COPY/SIZE/DATA ERROR will be displayed onscreen. In this case, restart using a narrower copy range,
or use a higher capacity card.
If data with no date is included in the copy range, COPY/SIZE/DATA ERROR will be displayed onscreen.
If you copy to compact flash card whilst still recording to HDD, some images may not be recorded to HDD
at the start and end times of the copy range.
Step 7.
[ Compact Flash Card continuous recording time (for 64MB) ]
Displays the estimated recordable time (when recording on a 64MB Compact Flash Card).
• With Audio recording <Audio recording using 12.8KHz PCM sampling is possible.
: Since audio recording cannot be made during recording interval of 0.25P and 0.125P, even when
the recording with audio recording is set to ON, the recordable time is the same for when setting audio
recording to OFF.
: Recalculate the values on the recording times chart according to the capacity of the CFC you are
using. For example, for a 128MB CFC, multiply all the values by two.
: For usable Compact Flash Card, check with your dealer of purchase.
] button on the DVR.
Page 5
], then turn the [
] anticlockwise



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