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Mitsubishi Electric DX-TL2500E How To Use Manual page 5

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Mitsubishi Digital Recorder - How to Guide
Note: While you are in the COPYING mode the DVR will continue to record.
The recorder will beep to let you know you've completed each task successfully.
Copying to Video Tape or DVD:
Step 1.
[ VCR/DVD ] For recording operations, see
the instruction manual accompanying the
VCR/DVD recorder
If your VCR/DVD recorder is connected
inline with your display monitor then go
to Step 2.
**Otherwise connect the recorder as
A. Connect RCA leads from the Front or
Rear AV output (OUTPUT A only) on the
DVR to the AV input on your VCR/DVD
recorder. The connectors
are colour coded, so make sure you
match them correctly.
B. Select AV input on your recorder.
Step 2.
[ DVR ] Follow the instructions of the Basic Playback Guide to playback a
recorded time period.
The DVR should now be in [
Step 3.
[ VCR/DVD ] To start recording - press the [
Step 4.
[ DVR ] To start playback - press the [
Step 5.
Once you have finished playing back the time period that you are copying.
- Press the [
- Press the [
If you are copying several time periods then use [
Note: Your display monitor will show you the recording from the DVR only. To verify you have recorded
successfully to videotape or DVD, connect a monitor to your VCR/DVD recorder and playback the
sequence. On some DVD recorders, you will need to finalize the DVD Disk so that it can be played back
on other DVD players.
Copying to Compact Flash Card:
Step 1.
Open the front panel of the DVR, and insert the Compact
Flash Card into the [
Step 2.
Press the [
middle of the front panel of the DVR.
The monitor will display a menu. Make
sure the DVR is set to HDD to CFC.
If not set correctly; use the
Step 3.
Choose whether you want to overwrite the existing contents of the
Compact Flash card or start recording from the last entry on the
compact flash card. The default setting is OVERWRITE.
] mode ready for playback.
] button on the [ DVR ].
] button on the [ VCR/DVD ].
] card slot.
] button near the
] to select HDD to CFC.
] button.
] button.
] instead of [
Page 4
Rear AV output (OUTPUT A only)
] .



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