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Operating Elements And Connections; Safety Notes - JTS US-8001D/2 Instruction Manual

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All operating elements and connections can be
found on the fold-out page 3.

1 Operating Elements and Connections

1.1 Front panel
1 Receiving antennas
2 POWER switch
3 Power LED
4 Rotary switch* CH for adjusting the transmission
channel with the adjusting key supplied
5 Reception* LED RF;
lights up when a radio signal is received from the
6 Audio signal LED* AF; lights to the rhythm of the
audio signal received
7 Volume control* VOL
*With model US-8002D/ 2, these operating elements are
available both for the receiving units CH 1 and CH 2.
1.2 Rear panel
8 Balanced XLR output for connection to the micro-
phone input, e. g. of a mixer or amplifier
Model US-8002D/ 2 has two outputs, one for the
output signal of the receiving unit CH 1 and one for
the output signal of the receiving unit CH 2.
9 Output (6.3 mm jack, unbal.) for connection to
a highly sensitive line input, e. g. of a mixer or
With model US-8002D/ 2, the mixed signal from the
receiving units CH 1 and CH 2 is available here.
10 Strain relief for the connection cable of the power
supply unit:
Lead the cable around the hook to prevent acci-
dental disconnection of the plug from the jack (11).
11 Power supply jack for connecting the power supply
unit supplied

2 Safety Notes

The units (receiver and power supply unit) correspond
to all required directives of the EU and are therefore
marked with
WARNING The power supply unit is supplied with
hazardous mains voltage (230 V~).
Leave servicing to skilled personnel
only. Inexpert handling may cause an
electric shock hazard.
Please observe the following items in any case:
The units are suitable for indoor use only. Protect
them against dripping water and splash water, high
air humidity, and heat (admissible ambient tempera-
ture range 0 – 40 °C).
Do not operate the receiver and immediately discon-
nect the power supply unit from the mains
1. in case of visible damage to the units or to the
mains cable,
2. if a defect might have occurred after a unit was
dropped or suffered a similar accident,
3. if malfunctions occur.
In any case the units must be repaired by skilled per-
A damaged mains cable of the power supply unit
must be replaced by the manufacturer or skilled per-
sonnel only.
Never pull the mains cable for disconnecting the
mains plug from the socket, always seize the plug.
For cleaning only use a dry, soft cloth; never use
water or chemicals.
No guarantee claims for the units and no liability for
any resulting personal damage or material damage
will be accepted if the units are used for other pur-
poses than originally intended, if they are not cor-
rectly connected, operated, or not repaired in an
expert way.
Important for U. K. Customers!
The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accord -
ance with the following code:
blue = neutral
brown = live
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this
appliance may not correspond with the coloured
markings identifying the terminals in your plug, pro-
ceed as follows:
1. The wire which is coloured blue must be connect -
ed to the terminal in the plug which is marked with
the letter N or coloured black.
2. The wire which is coloured brown must be con-
nected to the terminal which is marked with the
letter L or coloured red.
If the units are to be put out of operation de fi-
nitively, take them to a local recycling plant
for a disposal which is not harmful to the envi-



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