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Priority Control; Temperature Limit - AEG DDLE LCD 27 Operating And Installation Instructions

Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater
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Table of Contents
For contractors
Alternative installation methods for contractors
Power supply: Unfinished walls - below, maximum demand relay; undersink installation, water
connections - top; water: finished walls
Power supply – unfinished walls - below
a Push the cable grommet over the power cable.
b Break out the cable grommet knock-out in the back panel.
strip moved to the bottom.
d Slide the back panel over the studs and the cable grommet, pull the cable grommet with a pair of pliers
against the locking hooks and let both hooks audibly click into place.
e Push the back panel firmly and flush against the wall and lock with the fixing toggle.
Power supply – finished walls
Mark the type plate with a permanent marker:
Cross out IP 25 and tick the IP 24 box.

Priority control

When used in conjunction with other electrical equipment, e.g. electric storage heaters, use the maximum
demand relay:
a Maximum demand relay (see "8. Special accessories").
b Control cable to the contactor of the second device (e.g. electric storage heater).
c Control contact, opens when switching the instantaneous water heater on.
Undersink installation, water connections from the top
Undersink installation with water connections from the top can be achieved with the additional pipe assembly
for undersink devices (part no. 18 44 21). Cleanly break out the water pipe knock-outs in the back panel and
fit the pipe set.

Temperature limit

If the maximum temperature is to be limited to 43 °C, this is done on the
inside of the device cap. For this, change the switch from 60 (°C) to 43 (°C).
You can still adjust the temperature selector across its entire range.
The outlet temperature will be permanently limited to 43 °C. A temperature
range between 30 °C to 43 °C can be selected.
Taps for finished walls
(part of the standard delivery of the pressure tested tap ADEo 70 WD).
delivery of the tap and is designed to hold the tap pipes in the designated location as well as to ensure
the necessary protection against moisture (
Push the tap pipes from above through the support plate up to the lower part of the back panel.
of the back panel.
Cleanly break out the knock-outs in the device cap (
Secure the back panel in the lower part of the device with two additional screws (
a), use a file if necessary.

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Table of Contents

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